Permit Information

Building Permits:

Building permits are required for any construction beyond cosmetic alterations such as: painting, carpeting, cabinets, trim work, gutters, and similar projects. Work requiring building permits includes: New and/or replacement windows, replacement garage doors, roofing, decks, accessory buildings (zoning permits when applicable), interior alterations (including major repairs to walls, subfloors, ceilings), remodeling, siding, insulating, finishing basements, demolition, new construction, footings, and retaining walls over 48 inches in height or supporting a surcharge.

Inspections include: footings, foundation, water proofing, radon (under-floor installation rock backfill and sealed vapor barrier), framing, insulation, vapor barrier, wall and roof sheathing (when applicable: shear walls/fire assemblies/braced wall lines), drywall (when applicable: residential-firewalls, commercial-all projects), window flashing/installation and final, roofing underlayment/decking /flashing and final, siding installation/flashing/house wrap and final, setbacks from property lines and grading, final inspection of new construction, additions and alterations.

Please refer to your permit documents for more detailed instructions on required inspections.

Mechanical Permits:

Mechanical permits are required for: new and /or replacement furnace , unit heaters, fireplaces (solid and fuel gas appliances), boilers, in-floor heating systems, , geothermal heat pumps, radon ventilation systems, exhaust fans, gas piping, and fireplace framing.

Inspections include: rough in installation of supply and return ducts, underground installations, appliance venting, combustion air, appliance clearances, gas tests, gas piping materials, concealed installations, installation per manufacturer’s requirements, balancing reports (if applicable), and final inspections.

Plumbing Permits:

Plumbing permits are required for: new plumbing (drain & waste piping and water lines), any new connections to the potable water system, yard irrigation systems (connections to potable water supply and backflow prevention), house sprinkler systems, water heaters (gas, electric, tankless (instantaneous) and all manufactured home water heaters) , water heat recovery systems, new plumbing fixtures (beyond fixture replacement/ maintenance), water sanitization (new construction and remodeling/additions).

Inspections include: plumbing materials, joints and fittings, slopes and pipe supports, backflow prevention, notching and boring of wood, pipe protection, glues and primers/couplings, venting, pipe sizing, fire-stopping at floor and ceiling lines and wall plates, and final inspections.

Electrical Permits:

Electrical work shall be permitted and inspected by the State Electrical Inspector. Please contact Mr. Mike Anthony at 1- 507-838-5418 (cell Phone).

Please consult with the Building Inspection Division @ 507-444-4370 if you are unsure or wish to discuss the permit and inspection process for your project.


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