Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the Fire Hall located?
107 W Main Street, Owatonna, MN 55060

2. What are your business hours?
8 AM to 5 PM, Monday thru Friday. 

3. I’d like to be a firefighter.  Are you currently hiring?
We only accept applications when we are hiring. When we do have an opening, all details of how to apply for the position will be posted in the Employment section.  

4. Am I allowed to have a fire pit in my yard and recreational fires?
Yes, the City of Owatonna allows recreational fires. See the document “Recreational Fires within City Limits” located in the Fire Prevention section of our website.

6. I’ve noticed a property that has garbage and trash in the yard that needs to be picked up. How should I report this?
The City of Owatonna has an ordinance that addresses garbage and other public nuisances. See City Ordinance 93.001 for details. To report this property, complete the Nuisance Ordinance Violation Complaint form found in the Links/Resources section.

7. I’ve noticed a property that has long grass that needs to be mowed. How should I report this?
The City of Owatonna has an ordinance that addresses long grass and noxious weeds. See City Ordinance 93.060 for details. To report this property, complete the Weed Ordinance Violation Complaint form in the Links/Resources section.

8. What are the minimum maintenance standards for properties within the City?
The City of Owatonna has adopted a Minimum Housing Code which provides the minimum standards that all residential buildings and structures must meet. See City Ordinance 151 for details.

9. How do I register my rental property that is located within the city limits?
All rental properties in the City of Owatonna must be registered and licensed through the Fire Department. See City Ordinance 115 for details. You may register your property by filling out the Rental Property License Application Form located in the Rental Property section of our website and returning the form to the Fire Department. An inspection of the property will then be scheduled and a license will be issued once the property passes inspection and fees are paid.

10. How do I renew the license for my rental property?
Call the Fire Department at 507-444-2454 to schedule an inspection or fill out the Rental Property Inspection Request form located in the Rental Property section. Once the property passes inspection and fees are paid, a new license will be issued. All licenses are valid for two years.

11. What type of public education activities do you perform? I’m interested in scheduling one, how do I do that?
Owatonna Fire Department performs numerous public education events throughout the year. We take trucks to visit a variety of groups. We have groups that visit the station for a tour.  We perform demonstrations on how to use a fire extinguisher. We also do a variety of fire safety talks and can customize our presentation to meet the needs of your group. Click here to request an event. Events such as truck visits and extinguisher demonstrations are weather permitting.  

12. What fire protection system permits do you issue and how do I go about obtaining one?
Owatonna Fire Department issues permits for the following systems: sprinkler system, fire alarm system, fire suppression system, and hood system. Permit Application Forms are located in the Protection Systems section. Fill out the application form for the type of system you are installing and return it, along with 2 sets of plans and permit fees, to the Fire Department.

13. How do I obtain a burning permit?
Owatonna Fire Department issues permits for burning within the city limits. You do NOT need a permit for a recreational fire. If you are located outside the city limits, contact the Law Enforcement Center at 507-444-3800 to obtain a county burning permit.

14. I need to apply for a retail fireworks permit.  What is the procedure?
The City of Owatonna requires a permit to be obtained for the sale of fireworks within city limits. See City Ordinance 111 for details. The permit application packet can be found in the Links/Resources section.  All forms must be completely filled out and a site plan must be included with the application. Mail application and payment to: Owatonna Fire Department, 107 W Main Street, Owatonna, MN 55060. Once received, the application is reviewed by Fire Department staff and then submitted to the City Council for approval.

15. What area of Steele County does the Owatonna Fire Department provide fire coverage for?
Click here for a map of Steele County which shows the fire coverage zones for Owatonna Fire, along with the other fire departments in Steele County.