Adult Programs


LIFE (Leisure Is for Everyone) is a Leisure Education Program designed for individuals with disabilities, 20-35 years old. Members of the LIFE group will meet on a weekly basis, and learn the skills necessary to make the most of their leisure time. While keeping involved in recreation activities and pursuing new friendships, they will also learn to plan and organize their daily schedules outside of work using a personal planner. Our goals are to explore personal leisure interests and community resources; develop an understanding of self advocacy and personal independence through practice; realize the rewards that come from volunteering. Our usual meeting time will be Wednesday, 4:00-5:30 at SeniorPlace. At this time we do not provide transportation. We also encourage members to attend without staff, if possible. We hope this group will serve as a transition program between Teen Club and Night Club, and that members will learn the importance of choosing and planning leisure options. Call 507-774-7110 if you have questions.

  • Membership Fee is $48.00 for six months with fees due January 1 and July 1
  • Calendar for weekly themes will appear in Therapeutic Recreation newsletter

Night Club

This weekly social group meets Wednesday evenings and is designed for adults over 22 years who have developmental disabilities. This group is an extension of our Teen Club and functions much the same way. Activities are more age appropriate for adults and we encourage the independent pursuit of leisure interest, whenever possible. Night Club is a place to establish and cultivate friendships through recreation. Our usual meeting place is the Senior Place, but our location varies with activity as well. Transportation to and from Night Club is provided to members who reside within city limits for a minimal fee upon request. Call Dani at 507-774-7110 for more details about Teen Club and Night Club.

  • Membership fee is $48.00 for 6 months with fees due January 1 and July 1.
  • Activity rosters for weekly events available in newsletters

Bus Trip Information

Bus trips are open to Therapeutic Recreation members and their families. Although non-members may register for any trips listed, Night Club and Teen Club and LIFE members will have priority seating on bus trips. Non-members will pay an additional $10 fee.

Transportation for all trips is provided by Owatonna Bus Company, with home pickups and drop offs available to members residing within city limits (as needed.) Requests for at home pick ups should be made at the time of registration. Wheelchair accommodations by lift are available also.

Experienced Park and Recreation staff supervise the bus trips, and carry emergency information of individuals traveling with the group. They also determine emergency procedures, if necessary. Program I.D. neckwear is provided for all trips to insure a means of personal identification if members become lost or separated from the group. PCA’s, home staff, or parents are welcome to accompany members if their abilities or behaviors warrant assistance.

Deadlines are listed for all trips and fees are expected prior to trip day. Paid fees will be returned only if trips are cancelled due to lack of registrants or inclement weather. All return times listed are approximations. Please allow time for early returns and plan for a prompt pick up.

Details for these will appear in our newsletters with deadlines and fees listed. Our newsletters are printed quarterly, and are available at the Therapeutic Recreation office and on line at Call the Therapeutic Recreation office if you would like to receive our newsletter (507-774-7110).

Monday Bowling League

Monday league is available for teens and adults age 14 years and older who have developmental disabilities. We play 2 games per week maximum, shoes are free. Transportation is not provided. Please notify us of any special accommodations needed for play. League sessions are offered in the fall, spring and summer.

Dates: 9 Mondays

Time: 4:30-6:00 PM

Location: SpareTime Entertainment--- 333 18th Street SE

Registration Fee: $21.50 payable to Owatonna Park & Recreation

Weekly Fee: $5.50 payable to SpareTime Entertainment.

*Minimum of 20 persons required to offer this program


Memberships are availabel for teens and adults.  Memberships Includes the following:

  • A mailed newsletter six times a year providing a calendar of trips, special events, weekly scheduled activities, and program information (the news letter is also available online (click here to see newsletters).

  • Bus transportation to Night Club activities for members residing within city limits, for minimal fee.

  • Experienced Park and Recreation staff facilitating programs and events.

  • Access to other resources and agencies such as A.D.D., Special Olympics, various disabilities support groups, and more who advocate for persons with disabilities.

  • "In Home Registration" for adult members living independently who need assistance reading the newsletter and registering for activities.

  • $48.00 fee for adults and teens provides a 6 month membership in weekly programs (weekly programs are:

  • Teen Club, LIFE Group, Night Club, and Monday Bowling League. Sales Tax included.  Scholarships and financial assistance available upon request.

  • Discounts for membership at the West Hills Tennis & Fitness Center

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