Insurance Reimbursement


How do I know if I am eligible?

>We are currently in a partnership with the following insurance companies: Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, Blue Cross Blue Shield of ND, Preferred One, Health Partners, South County Health Alliance, UCARE, United Health Care/Definity, and America’s TPA supplement (however, be aware that not all policies from eac insurance carrier are eligible so call your insurance provider’s customer service number or check with your companies Human Relations department to find out for sure).

How do I sign-up?

>You will need to fill out an insurance enrollment packet (you can get this packet from one of the Tennis & Fitness Center Associates).  This packet includes an enrollment form, a Direct Deposit Authorization form (and attaching a Voided check, for the account you want your reimbursements sent to, with this form) and having a copy of the drivers license and insurance card of each eligible person who will be participating in the reimbursement program.  All this information will be needed before the reimbursement will be set up.

>The West Hills Tennis & Fitness Center facility manager will submit all the necessary information and will get you set up for the reimbursements.

What is done with the Voided check?

>Once the necessary information is submitted to VANCO services for the direct depositing of you reimbursement, the Direct Deposit Authorization form and Voided Check are locked up at the City of Owatonna’s Finance office.

If there is a gap in my membership status, will I need to re-sign-up for the insurance reimbursement?

>Typically not, if it is only for a short time period.  If many months pass between having a current membership and being expired, your insurance enrollment may be cancelled and then you would need to re-sign-up; otherwise, your information will stay active.

How many days do I need to workout to get my reimbursement?

>Most insurance policies require that you work out 12 days during a calendar month; however, some only require 8 days (UCARE does not require a minimum number--you are eligible as long as you have a membership).  Call your insurance provider’s customer service number or check with your companies Human Relations department to find out

Who keeps track of the number of days I work out each month?

>Each time a member uses the facility that person will check in.  A report is processed at the end of each month displaying each person’s usage.

>Although it is a facility policy to check in when using the facility, it is the member’s responsibility to get checked in so he/she gets credit for working out each day. 

How much of a discount do I get if I am eligible?

>You pay the entire membership cost up front (it can be a monthly or yearly package).  You will receive your reimbursement at the end of the following month (pending you meet the workout requirements set on your insurance policy)

>You can receive up to $20 per person, up to 2 people in a household on the insurance policy (eligible participants much be at least 18 years old)—your total reimbursement can not exceed the amount you paid for the membership.

How and when do I receive my reimbursement?

>Information is submitted to VANCO Services by the West Hills Tennis & Fitness Center manager by the 5th of the month following an eligible insurance month (for example: if we just completed the month of October, the information will be submitted by November 5th).

>Those insurance participant members who qualified for a reimbursement would have their account direct deposited by the end of the month by VANCO Services (following the above example, the October reimbursements would be direct deposited by the end of November).