Crime Prevention and Safety

Safety Bulletins are alerts to the community regarding recent criminal activity and how to protect yourself and your property. 

Theft from Vehicles 4-16-09

Residential Burglaries Crime Alert 1-9-09

Property Damage 7-29-08

Below are recent 10-4 articles from the Owatonna People's Press.

Traffic/Vehicle Q & A

What is the Safe and Sober Mobilization Initative?

What are the facts surrounding Minnesota seatbelt laws?

What are the speed limits near Walmart?

If it is against the law for the public to not completely stop for a stop sign, why is it ok for police and sheriff's deputies to not stop?

Why does the Police Department spend so much time enforcing stop sign violations?

What does law enforcement consider a complete stop at a posted stop sign?

Why does the Owatonna Police Department focus so much on traffic infractions, especially driving while impaired (DWI or DUI)?

Do I have to come to a complete stop before turning right on red?

While operating a motor vehicle, what is considered to be obstructed vision by Minnesota law?

What do I do if I am involved in a crash?

What is a provisional driver's license and what restrictions come along with it?

What are some of the laws I need to know before I can ride a motorcycle?

Parking Q & A

What do the green lines on the front curb areas of the schools mean?

What are the parking restrictions?

When and where can I park my vehicles on the streets during the winter months?

How does the graduated fine parking system work?

Downtown Parking:  Parking regulation and necessity

Recreational Vehicles Q & A

What is the recreational vehicle ordinance?

ATV Operation in MN

What are the laws regarding motorized bikes?

What are laws for operating motorized scooters and golf carts in the city?

Department Q & A

What are door hangers?

How and when is the police department patrolling the neighborhoods?

Who are the Owatonna Police Explorers?

Pedestrian Q & A

Are there any laws or safety tips for people walking or jogging?

What rights and responsibilities does a pedestrian have at intersections?

When riding my bicycle, do I have to follow the same traffic laws as motorists?

Ordinance Q & A

Why don't the police crack down on people who don't shovel their sidewalks?

Where in Owatonna can I use my bike, roller skates, and skateboard this summer?

Please tell us about the noise ordinance

Miscellaneous Q & A

Should I keep my house and garage locked?

Where does the money go for speeding tickets and tickets in general?

How does internet fraud work?

What do I need to do when going on vacation or being away from home for an extended period of time?

What is the difference between a burglary, a robbery and a theft?