Citizen's Academy

The Citizen’s Police Academy was created in order to provide participants with enough information so that they are capable of making an informed judgment about their police department and police activity.  It is hoped that the instruction will increase police awareness whereas to dispel suspicions and misconceptions and to increase police/community rapport through an educational process.  The Department in turn becomes more aware of the feelings and concerns of the community it serves, making it a two way learning process.

At the Citizen’s Police Academy, you will have the opportunity to see and hear first hand the overwhelming curriculum officers must master before they can wear the uniform of the Owatonna Police Department.

Your instructors will be real police officers. They will take you on an accelerated overview of the various operations of the Owatonna Police Department.

It’s our goal to increase understanding of police work and to develop effective police/community partnerships.

Join us, and be part of this important effort.


2017 Citizen's Academy Brochure

2017 Citizen's Academy Application