Detective Bureau

The role of the Detective Bureau is the investigation of crimes and the apprehension of suspected offenders.  The Detective Bureau is mainly a reactive function of law enforcement, though it will take proactive approaches when the need arises, such as surveillance and installing portable alarms.  The major components of investigations are case screening, follow-up investigations, and gathering criminal intelligence. Owatonna Police Department's Detective Bureau is comprised of (1) Captain, (1) Sergeant, (2) Corporal Detectives, (3) Detectives, and (1) Administrative Assistant.  The Commander of the Detective Bureau oversees the operation of the bureau.  The Captain is also in charge of Professional Standards, Internal Affairs, and Property and Evidence.  The Sergeant assigned to the Detective Bureau currently serves as the Commander of the South Central Drug Investigation Unit (SCDIU).  In addition to these responsibilities, the sergeant also over sees the Predatory Offender Program and screens cases for assignment.  Two detectives are assigned to the Owatonna Public Schools during the school year, serving as School Liaison Officers.  In addition to their responsibilities as School Liaison Officer, one serves as the primary financial crimes detective and the other serves as the gang intelligence detective.  Detectives are also responsible for the investigation of crimes against persons relating to sexual assaults, adult/child protection matters, and crimes against persons and property.  Detectives are appointed to the Detective Bureau as a means of staff development and are in this assignment for at least one year.  Detectives receive specialized training in the areas of interview and interrogation, writing search warrants, crime and death scene investigations.  The Detective Bureau Administrative Assistant serves as the Property and Evidence Technician for the department and also serves as the Fiscal Agent for the South Central Drug Investigations Unit.