Predatory Offender Registration Program

The Owatonna Police Department recognizes that predatory offenders pose a significant risk to a community.  Keeping the public safe is our priority and it is our belief that a collaborative approach, including taking precautionary measures and encouraging community reporting practices, will ensure that predatory offender registration continues to be largely successful.  It has been well documented that roughly 80% of predatory offenders are known by their victims; therefore, it is imperative that law enforcement, the courts, corrections, and human services work together in keeping our community informed and educated.  Registering as a predatory offender is a collateral consequence of criminal behavior and it acts as one of the many deterrent factors as to whether someone will re-offend.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) maintains a registry of predatory offenders residing within the state.  Those registered have been convicted of a violent felony or sexually related crime and classified in the registry based on their likelihood to re-offend.  A risk assessment is conducted on each person registered prior to release from confinement.  An offender’s risk assessment dictates the level of community notification that is required of law enforcement.