Public Works Forms and Permits

Permits and Forms must be submitted to the Public Works/Engineering office located on the Second Flood of the City Administration Building at 540 West Hills Circle. Payments must be made by cash or check.

Permits are issued during normal business hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, please allow adequate time for consideration of review and approval. 


Permit to Open Street  

  • Street Opening Permit Application (pdf)
  • 24 hours notice minimum must be given to the Engineering Department prior to start of work
  • Contractor has 72 hours (or sooner if directed by engineer) to repair the street
  • Contractor is fully responsible for street repair in kind
  • Notice: Street opening are NOT permitted from November 15th thru March 1st

Permit for Construction of Sidewalk, Driveway, or Perform Curb-cut

Permit to Work in Right of Way

Permit to Place Dumpster Container or Trailer in Roadway

Grading/ Erosion and Sediment Control (SWPPP) Permit


Wood Chip and Firewood Sales Form

  • Wood Chip and Firewood Order Form, Fees, and Policy (pdf)
  • All fees must be payed in advance, prior to delivery
  • Limited to 3 loads of wood per year
  • Site must be accessible by a tandem dump truck

Sump Pump (Stormwater) Compliance Form

  • Stormwater Compliance Inspection Form (pdf)
  • Used to ensure sump pump connection is compliant
  • Non-Mandatory inspections can be scheduled with the WWTF Superintendant at 507-444-2452
  • Mandatory inspections may be required at the discretion of the WWTF Superintendant


Contact 507-444-4350 for any questions regarding Public Works permits and forms.